bbv Planning Poker

for PC and Windows Mobile

bbv Planning Poker is the right tool for your Scrum estimation meetings. This application provides two ways to support your estimation meetings. You can choose between the complete backlog and the simplified estimation mode. The backlog mode addresses the needs of Scrum Masters, the estimation mode is optimized for Team Members. The backlog mode allows you to create and manage a full sprint backlog. This starts with the number of the sprint and the current team velocity and ends with stories with number, their priority and an optional title. During the estimation part of the meeting, you choose the card with the right points, discusses your choice with the other team members and finally save the team agreement points to the current story. The backlog is automatically updated and can be checked at any time. It contains your stories, ordered by priority and with points if already estimated. For your team commitment, the backlog also shows you, based on the current estimation points and their priority, which stories fits into your velocity borders. The estimation mode is reduced to the estimation part of the meeting and is the right option for your Team Members. Choose a story point card in the preparation dialog and then switch to the presentation page. Your story point card is presented with the back side, so that the others are not affected by your choice. When everyone is ready, just tip your card and the front side is displayed.

  • backlog mode to create and manage a full sprint backlog
  • estimation mode for team members
  • sprint with number and velocity
  • stories with number and priority
  • backlog to support the team commitment
  • save the backlog or send it via mail
  • official bbv Software Services play cards

Windows 10

Windows Mobile